Energy Efficiency:
The Palmer Public Library has increased efforts to REDUCE our energy consumption!
You may notice that some computer monitors are black. These computers are set to switch to an energy savings mode when not in use.

Don't be alarmed, simply touch the mouse or keyboard to awaken the monitor.
The computer will be ready for your use immediately.

Screen savers do not reduce your computer's energy usage.
Would you like to enable the energy star settings ("sleep" or "power off") on your
computer at home? You can save $25 to $75 per desktop computer annually through
EASY power management settings.

In addition, we have always supported a number of programs that reduce waste, share resources with the community and help other non-profit organizations.

3. Borrowing and returning a library book is the ultimate form of recycling!
Visit your local library.

4. Clear out your clutter and donate books to the Library Loft Used Bookstore.

5. Small numbers of magazines may be placed in the FREE basket
(by the sale bookshelf in the Library's Town Square).
Please contribute recently published issues.
Popular topics include gardening, decorating, fashion, bridal, teen etc.
Be sure to browse the basket and choose some FREE magazines for yourself.

6. Donate your old prescription eye glasses to the Lion's Club for reuse.
A collection box is located near the circulation desk.

7. Canned goods may be donated to Food Share. Ask a staff person.

8. We also collect "Box Tops for Education" (General Mills) to benefit the
Palmer Public Schools. Ask a staff person.

9. Donations of pens, pencils and washable markers are always welcome. Please contact youth services staff (283-3330 ext. 103) regarding other craft supplies you may wish to donate.

Recycle and Redeem
to benefit the Palmer Public Library Fund & the Environment!
The Palmer Public Library Recycling & Energy Efficiency page.

Help us earn cash by recycling your used:
Inkjet Printer Cartridges,
Laser Toner Cartridges
Cell Phones

Collect at home and work. Qualifying recyclables can be redeemed by the library, for cash, through the
Funding Factory Fundraising Program.

Cartridges and Cell Phones may be dropped off at the
Palmer Public Library, 1455 North Main St. Palmer, MA 01069. 283-3330 ext. 0 for more info

View a list of qualifying:
-OR- Toner Cartridges
View a list of qualifying:
Cell Phones